Pakistan is a nation that stands in the middle of the valley of decision. Now is the time for Pakistan to say “YES” to God! Todd and Julie are thrilled about their ministry work in Pakistan. Todd’s first trip to Pakistan was in 2004 and he knew immediately that PMI was to establish an ongoing ministry work there. The Pakistanis are a wonderful people who are rich in culture and very intriguing. They are eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the people of God and the truth of the Gospel!

Facts about Pakistan:


  • Population – Over 167 million
  • Nationality – Pakistani
  • Language – Punjabi and Urdu
  • Religion – Muslim 97%
  • Government – Federal Republic
  • Currency – Pakistani Rupee
  • GDP per capita – $2,600

PMI is impacting Pakistan!

  • Empowering Pakistani leaders
  • Evangelistic campaigns
  • Bible Schools
  • Church planting
  • Leadership conferences
  • Literature distribution