Empowering Emerging Christian Leaders

The task of world evangelization can seem overwhelming at times. However, I believe that if we follow Jesus’ example of the law of multiplication, we can succeed in preaching the Gospel in the entire world to all nations.

Jesus was one man with a mission, filled with passion and empowered by His Father. How did He change the world? He reproduced Himself in others beginning with 12 men. He commissioned them with a mission! He caused His heartbeat to be in them and He empowered them will all the resources necessary to accomplish the mission!

When we established our base in the 10/40 Window, God spoke very clearly to us about our primary assignment. He said, “You must empower emerging Christian leaders to succeed in their mission to reach their people for God.”

We are empowering leaders from these nations who speak the language, understand the culture, and can contextualize the Gospel in a way that is relevant and powerful to their people.


We are empowering leaders by providing:

  • Leadership and mentoring
  • Friendship
  • Teaching
  • Leadership conferences and luncheons
  • Networking
  • Financial support and project funding
  • Spiritual and financial accountability
  • Strategic planning