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New and exciting things for Empower International!

Nearly four years ago while Julie and I were enjoying our 25th wedding anniversary dinner together in the city of Chicago, we were engaged in one of those “deep” conversations about our lives and our future together.  Over several months prior to this time, God had been speaking to us separately concerning His strategic plans and direction for our ministry.  Both of us were bursting with excitement, as we believed the time had come for us to share the thoughts and ideas that God had planted in our hearts.

At the same time in our conversation, with great enthusiasm, we both exclaimed, “This is the city.”  We knew that in God’s timing, we would open an international ministry base of operations in the city of Chicago.  Immediately, our imaginations were flooded with all kinds of possibilities, dreams, visions and ideas!

The Holy Spirit in His peaceful and calming way simply said, “I’ll confirm this in your heart through people you trust and you’ll know when the time is right.”

For many months, Julie and I prayed earnestly and kept these thoughts between us.  Then, several of our close ministry friends, on separate occasions, began to speak prophetically and specifically about our move to the city of Chicago.  We had not told another living soul!  In 2011 God began to shift our thoughts more in this direction and released us to make the move in 2012.  So, now is the time! In obedience to God, we are opening an Empower International US base of operations in the city of Chicago.

Our mission to the 10/40 Window continues to expand and grow!  Over the past 9+ years since we have established a strong foundation for ministry in 3 Asian countries, the time has come, of necessity, for us to multiply and increase our workers, resources and territory!

Why Chicago?

1. Because God has called us to Chicago!

For over 25 years of ministry, Julie and I have determined to be obedient to do what God asks us to do! We also diligently seek to discover the “when” and the “where” so we can obey Him when he tells us to do it and go to the places He leads us to go.

Every time we obey God’s directions in our lives, the assignment, the fruitfulness and the rewards are abundantly beyond our highest dreams.

The bottom-line and #1 reason we are going to open an international ministry base of operations in Chicago is because of obedience to God’s leading us to do so.

2. To expand our international influence and to strengthen our mission to the 10/40 Window!

The primary mission of Empower International is to empower emerging Christian leaders to succeed in their mission to reach their people for God.

The nations have come to our major US cities!

There are many congregations of specific ethnicities throughout the city of Chicago.  These pastors, leaders and congregants have direct connections back to their home countries through family, friends and business.  We will build relationships with these key foreign Christian leaders to empower them to increase their influence among their people, reach out to those from their countries that have migrated to Chicago and to gain inroads to impact their homelands with the Gospel.

Chicago is a primary hub in America for major foreign embassies and multinational corporations.  Due to our involvement in humanitarian and social justice efforts, we will seek doors of opportunity to dialogue with diplomats and corporate leaders from around the world.  This will directly enhance our credibility and increase our influence in the nations where we have established and plan to establish the Empower International organization.

Chicago is also a city with an abundance of large and small universities with tens of thousands of students.  Students from many nations are coming to America for their education.  One ministry strategy that we are prayerfully considering is to begin college campus outreaches among the students who are attending from the countries where we work in the 10/40 Window.

3. To ignite a missionary movement!

I believe that America was set apart by God as a place where people could come from around the world to seek Him and worship Him with total freedom.  I also believe that God intended the church in America to be a force that would send His missionaries to the 4 corners of the earth.  I believe there is a missionary movement coming to America that has not yet been seen.

There are those who have and will come from other nations seeking the “American Dream.”  They will come to know Christ, have encounters with God and hear His call to be missionaries for Him.  Our role is to ignite their hearts for Jesus’ mission, equip them for ministry and empower them to go back to reach their people for God!

We will establish a center to empower God’s people to impact the whole world for Jesus Christ!  We will multiply our missionary efforts in the 10/40 Window by equipping and sending more traditional and foreign missionaries to the world’s most unreached nations!

4. It’s practical for international travel!

Even with new assignments on the horizon, our missions work in the 10/40 Window remains our focus.  Therefore, we will continue to “GO” as Jesus commanded us to.

Due to modern air travel, the world is very small.  Within 24 hours, we can be in any major city in the world.  Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is the 2nd busiest airport in America and has daily non-stops to Asia and the Middle East.  So, we are looking forward to this one little added convenience.

Now, more than ever, we need our partners to stand with us! 

We need your prayers and support as we expand the worldwide impact of Empower International.

As an archer stretches his bow to shoot the arrow, so we are stretching our faith to hit the target of God’s assignment on our lives.

If you’ve ever considered supporting Empower International, now is a great time to start!

If you’ve ever considered increasing your support of Empower International, now is a great time to increase!

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  • Steve laidlow

    Praise the Lord Todd and Julie , its been a longtime since we met in Thailand , we have now been in missionaries to Jakarta , Indonesia nearly 9 years  , check out our web page http://www.livingfaithinternational.org and http://www.acorn-int-min.org  — we are open to receive workers to the the largest Muslim nation of the world

  • Steve Coetzee

    Dear Todd & Julie,

    God’s timeing is alway perfect, praise God. You are truly called for a time such as this. Without dought, your minisrty gifts and leadership skills will have a deep impact in the city, neighborhoods and with students in Chicago.
    Because you followed the vioce of God and not a stranger, God will Bless the Hand of His servants as you proclaim Jesus as Lord in Word and in Deed with your endeavors in Chicago, also your ongoing International Outreaches.
    Our prayers and support is with you.
    Your friends
    Steve & Barbara Coetzee

  • Jay and Glenna Elliott

    Dear Todd and Julie,
    We are just so proud of you and the way you are making a difference in our world.  Thanks for being our missionaries.We love you,Jay and Glenna Elliott

  • Lida

    Is any one can help me to send the church address here in Chicago IL, please i just moved here and don’t no much about Chicago! I live in near by Brown Line / West side of Chicago/ 

    Thank you, much blessings! 

  • Erika & Ryan

    We love you Todd and Julie!