What’s with the craziness in Thailand right now?

Dec 4, 2008 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Todd's Blog

From my limited perspective, the biggest problem here in Thailand is the power struggle between government leaders, political parties and wannabes. The spiritual issue is high level corruption stemming from greed, control and pride. And, of course, the spirit of Buddhism plays a big part in the chaos that ensues.

The protests have crippled the country… paralyzed it in many ways. They have lost 100’s of millions of dollars in their economy. Millions could lose their jobs and many companies will go out of business. Tourists are staying away and the country’s image has been severely tarnished over the past 3 years. This recent fiasco has caused the most damage.

The airports are now slowly opening again… this will solve a short-term problem. The capitol is still uncertain about who their next leader will be or what political parties will control. There remains a threat of civil unrest and protesting, depending on votes and appointments for the next government.

While speaking with a very intelligent Thai person the other day, the statement was made, “In my whole life, living in Thailand, I don’t feel like we have ever had a political leader that sincerely loves and cares for the people of Thailand.” (Note: The King of Thailand loves the people… he is a Monarch, not a politician.)

Bottom-line… lack of good genuine leadership!

Thanks for your prayers!


  • David A. Newberry

    Todd, I will be praying for your ministry and was very grateful with how God opened doors for the Pakistan Leadership Conference 2012.